History of Kiran Talking newspaper group


'Kiran' Talking Newspaper group was established in April 1985. Originally it was published in the Gujarati language only. The recording was carried out on C60 audio cassette and distributed free of charge  to Gujarati speaking Blind and visually impaired people in UK. Now 'Kiran' is published  every week.

'Roshni'   is   a   monthly   Hindi   Talking Newspaper recorded in C60 audio cassette. It  was launched towards the end of the nineties. It is now well established. It is distributed to Hindi Blind and visually impaired listeners through out UK free of charge.

'Aalo', a monthly Bengali Talking newspaper was launched in October 2003. It is a monthly magazine in C60 audio cassette. It contains information, news, poetry, stories etc. 'Aalo' is dirtibuted to Bengali blind and visually impaired people through out UK free of charge.

'Kiran', 'Roshni' and 'Aalo' mean light.    Our main purpose is to keep our listeners up to date with news from around the world, health tips, important information to improve life-style etc. For entertainment we also include stories, poetry, drama and articles on interesting topics. We try to give some light by sharing some information, stories, jokes, health news and so forth to our blind and visually impaired listeners.